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From The Secretary Desk!

"He knows not his own strength, who has not faced the adversity"

Every adversity is but a step towards prosperity, because tough time does not last tough people do.

Is the purpose of life only to be born, grow old and die?

To bring about to the right balance in life, we also have to lay stress on the spiritual aspect of Education, which deals with developing higher values of life & in becoming a better person. Spiritual means inculcating "love" in our heart for all humanity , irrespective of religion or nationality, rich or poor.

At D.P.V.N., our students are taught to reach their highest potential intellectually, physically, emotionally & spiritually, our aim is to develop the character & individuality of each student, their mind, will & soul power, because we believe that every child is potentially divine.

There is an old saying "if you want to manage your problems successfully, then take a disciplined chance". Our students get this opportunely very early, be it their participation in the inter-class competition, inter school competition at district, state or national level. They take charge & control of the situation & emerge as true winners.

As the Gita says "one whose mind is controlled and who strives for appropriate means is assured of success". It is the mantra that me & my fellow colleagues are striving hard to inculcate in our students and encourage them to develop values like truthfulness, compassion love & humanity. So that they can see themselves as citizens of global community.


Mr. Saumitra Dubey - Secretary DPVN School

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